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Create a Legacy of Connection & Care

In Larimer County, we know that we are better together. We are always looking for dynamic ways to support our communities and our residents by meeting them where they are, and being flexible to changing needs. Right now, the most urgent need is for affordable and accessible child care for children and families, and the solutions are within our grasp. The Loveland Youth Campus is not only an investment in the lives of young people and the adults working hard to raise them, but it is a launchpad for what is possible when nonprofit organizations come together to leverage ideas and resources for the betterment of all. Join us on the ground floor of this exciting new chapter.


A Place for Learning and Innovation

Scattered, Siloed, and Scarce

Raising children is hard enough, let alone struggling to find affordable childcare and resources that are scattered across the county—for some families it is frustrating, but for others it is debilitating. Often, families are forced to choose between going to work and caring for their children. When families can’t access the resources they need, our entire community suffers.

Here's the current situation:

High Costs

The average cost of care in Larimer County is $390/week for infants, $319/week for children 2–3 years old, and $280/week for children 3–4 years old. That’s more than $15,000 per year per child!

Lack of Childcare

Based on 2019 estimates, 3 out of 4 infants and toddlers and 1 out of 3 preschool age children do not have access to quality, licensed care.

Siloed Services

Families don’t have a village to offer support anymore. They have to go to several organizations or government agencies for different services. It often falls to the families to ensure everyone is on the same page, and between transportation, childcare, and work demands, siloed care leads to gaps in services (or simply not accessing services).


Larimer County families need convenient, affordable support in one place.

An Innovative New Solution

By uniting organizations and resources in one central location, siloed and scattered services give way to ease, accessibility and collaboration. In mid-August, we broke ground on an initial youth and family-focused campus in Loveland at 2366 E. 1st Street. The location is already home to one of Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County’s (BGCLC) flagship facilities and will be expanded to also include:

  • Child care for children ages 0-3 

  • Full-day and half-day preschool options for children ages 4-5

  • Out-of-school care for youth ages 5-12 

  • Teen development services for youth ages 13-18 (academic support, workforce readiness, and more) 

  • Specialty care for children and youth with physical or developmental disabilities

Once the renovation is complete, we will also be exploring the addition of support services such as:

  • Mental health support for youth and families

  • Food and basic needs distribution

  • Recreation

  • Adult education

  • Family support services such as immigrant resources, housing and legal counseling, job training and placement opportunities

  • Unique and comprehensive transportation route tailored to specific areas of Loveland

The Loveland Youth Campus will provide the opportunity to serve 350 youth per day, quadruple Teaching Tree’s current available Loveland child care spots for infants and toddlers, and impact thousands of Loveland families.

Research shows that for every “$1 invested in high-quality early childhood programs, a state economy will get a $2 to $3 return on investment, measured by increased jobs or earnings for state residents.”

With affordable, high-quality early education options, more mothers are able to work full-time and avoid the “motherhood earnings penalty.” This means more earnings for families and stronger maternal workforce participation, which improves the economy for everyone.

When we invest in high-quality preschool and child care, we all win. In fact, studies show that every dollar invested in early care and education yields $16 in returns to the overall economy.

Your Larimer Legacy Starts Here

Imagine partnering with a campus that not only meets the needs of your community, but also allows you to live out your mission. Sure, this mutual partnership will create exposure and interest for your foundation or organization, but, more importantly, it will make an impact and leave a lasting legacy. Gone are the days of talking big and waiting to create change. It is time for child care and family services to evolve with the times and begin a transformational new chapter for Larimer County. We’d be honored if you would join us.

Help us create a seamless system for our families, in a convenient campus that makes juggling raising a family with making an income and living life a little easier.

The Time is Now

Loveland Youth Campus is a collaboration between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County (BGCLC) and Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center with support from United Way of Larimer County and Early Childhood Council of Larimer County. United Way of Larimer County is leading the fundraising efforts for the completion of the $2M retrofit to meet current child care licensing requirements.

Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center opened in early March 2024.

Our Funding Partners

Join us.

Loveland Youth Campus

The Loveland Youth Campus is a pilot project of the Larimer County Sandbox, a group of nonprofits committed to making life easier for families by co-creating campus-style hubs. Learn more at

Request more information about Loveland Youth Campus sponsorship opportunities below. 

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To learn more about Loveland Youth Campus sponsorship opportunities, please contact Christina Cooper at 970.988.2176 or To learn more about enrolling at Teaching Tree at the Loveland Youth Campus, go to To learn more about enrolling at Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County, visit

Customized Investment Opportunities

Your partnership would create a generational impact on our community and play a foundational role in re-imagining child care and out-of-school care for Larimer families. Beyond supporting the renovation of this beautiful new space, your partnership would benefit all of the organizations that will make this campus their new home. From pooling resources, to the communication and collaboration that is only possible by sharing space, your support will bolster the ability of these organizations to serve children and families in a more holistic manner.*

*All gifts to the campus are eligible for the Colorado Care Contribution Tax Credit.

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